Monday, December 1, 2008

tsMuxeR current releases

  • SmartLabs tsMuxeR for Windows - 1.8.4(b)
  • SmartLabs tsMuxeR for Linux (console only) - 1.7.3(b)
We plan to release a new tsMuxeR version in Q1 2009. Please post your feature requests here or send to


  1. I'd like to be able to open WTV files and create blu-ray/avchd. I'm using Windows 7 beta. Since WTV is its its native format for recorded TV, it makes sense to add support soon since it will become a primary format for media center users in the future.

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  2. Hi tsMuxeR says:
    Bitstream exception. It does not have to be! Plase contact the application support team for more information.
    so I'm doing it now. what happend?


  3. Hi Pawel,
    Please contact

  4. Hi,for first thanks for your great works,now my question:when i try to convert mkv to bd files there is an error about dimension on files,like other apps.Can you correct this problem?Thanks

  5. you should try to make it detect the source FPS properly.
    i tried 3 different MKV files with x264 @ 23.976 fps and it keeps thinking they're at 25. that really screws up the a/v sync some times.

  6. I have HDTV captures which do not conform to Blu-ray resolution requirements after cropping the black borders which are generated by my ste-top box. As such, I would like to request that when txMuxeR is used to create TS or M2TS streams, it checks the resolution and changes the header(?) information this way:
    IF x=1280 and y<720 then resolution = 1280x720, DAR=16:9
    IF =1920 and y<1080 then resolution = 1920x1080, DAR=16:9.

    Am requesting this because tsMuxeR has created some BD structures where the .clpi file has shown the DAR to be 4:3 when the original is not equal 16:9. When played using a computer it is displayed "correctly" in 16:9 format but when burned to a disc and played in a standalone player, I get video covering about 60% on left side of TV screen and a "ghost" image of that on the right.
    Hope that this information is helpful and that my request is acceptable.

  7. I would like an OS X version if that was possible.

  8. I'd like the Linux version to be kept in sync with the windows one. Also there's a bug in the Linux version 1.7.3(b) when trying to create a BD structure. It has something to do with case sensitivity -> tsMuxeR creates BDMV/STREAM directory but expects /BDMV/Stream directory instead so one has to manually rename the STREAM directory to Stream and run tsMuxeR again and then *again* rename Stream to STREAM

  9. will the true hd issue be sorted in the next release? Everything else about this app is excellent, but the true hd issue is stopping me from ripping titles with these tracks

    Keep up the good wotk!!

  10. Hey.
    Great job and great program

    Is it possible to have an option to convert DTS audio into AC3?

  11. Completely agree with James above - if the resolution does not conform to HD norms, please allow override of the resolution definition in the playlist and clipinf of the BD structure!


  12. Is there a way to add converting from High Profile 5.1 to High Profile 4.1 in future version?

  13. Would it be too much to ask for a bitrate calculator (or algorithm) for the m2ts format? It seems to take up a few percent more than MP4, MKV and DSM. it would also have to calculate with a list of subtitles.
    I might also dig-up some mp4 container support source codes, because it can't use it right now.
    If you would rather just send me an algorithm for those calculations I can wip-up a quick javascript or php script and post it in doom9. email: coladict [at]

    WujekSamoDobro it already has a feature to change the level.
    but wanting 4.1 makes me think you want it for the ps3. and the ps3 is really bitchy about video support, even with latest firmware. changing just the header probably won't work or will cause glitches. it took my Athlon64 3000+ 10 days to re-encode a 1080p video to 4.1 with the other necessary limitations for my ps3. would have been 8 if i overclocked and didn't use it for anything the entire time.

  14. First, thanks for this great app. I use it regularly to convert MKVs to BD with subtitles (to watch on PS3).

    I'd really appreciate a few minor features.
    - (auto) save and load settings
    - incorporate AVCHDMe functionality: save AVCHD structure (as far as I know it's the same as BD with 8.3 filenames), fix M2T file sizes in CLPI
    - HTML-like tag support in srt subtitle renderer (most subs I have use these: font color, italic, etc.)

    Thanks again.

  15. Hi!

    tsMuxeR is just great.

    I'm missing one feature though:
    As an operation takes a) quite some time and b) produces significant load on the hdds (especially when using a 2,5" hdd in mobile devices) it would be nice to have an "low-prio"-option which allows to reduce the load on the disks in order to allow the system to multitask while muxing.

  16. Not sure if this is what Gábor meant about M2T file sizes, but maybe some sort of indication about what size the output file will be, so we can know what kind of media it will fit on (without re-encoding).

  17. it would be great to have a batch list which you could set off overnight etc.

    would also be great if you could add several files to a blu-ray disc which then play one after the other, if it could read chapter points directly from mkv files, and also if it could make blu-ray structures with an option to loop or not (mine always loop!)

  18. Hi Smartlabs Team,

    Can you please add a extra setting for the subtitles like adding shadows in the next Gui release? In light scenes it's very hard to read. The additional borders pixels doesnt helps, the subtitle looks blurry with that.


  19. Hi Smartlabs,
    first of all, you made a great application!

    I'm converting my "old" HD-DVD movie files (features1.evo etc...) to blu ray files. As most of the hd-dvd has eac3 audio streams (DD+), my PS3 doesn't read them so I have to transform them to simple ac3 streams before creating a blu ray (with an external program).
    It could be nice if you can add the possibility to re-code EAC3 to AC3 (or to another audio type) directly in the application without using an external product...
    Best Regards!

  20. Any chance of a binary for the Qnap series of NAS drives? The linux version I have on my 109 is It would be handy to be able to download and convert from a script all on the NAS instead of having to copy them to a PC to convert and then copy back to the NAS. I'd say there are lots of people using Qnap drives that would appreciate this!


  21. I would love to see an updated linux binary. There are many bugs that have been fixed in teh win32 binary that haven't been addressed in the Linux binary (notably the h264 ps3 bug fixed in 1.7.6)

  22. Hi,

    Great job with this tool, thanks.

    Other interesting features could be :
    - .avi, .wmv support as container input
    - DVD PGS, DVS-S support as subs input
    - WMV9 muxing support accroding to SMP836x specs
    - cross converter between M2TS PGS, DVD PGS, DVB-S and srt

    Here a sample of TS using DVB-S subs (track 7 and 8) :

  23. I would like to convert directly from TS to MKV. If I have a TS from broadcast TV, many programs don't like this format. But they often do like the MKV format, which also has other benefits, like chapter support.

    If you do add this feature, then it would be nice if tsMuxeR could add chapters to the MKV when its creating it, like is already done for the Blu-ray format. MKV does support chapter naming, so this would make sense too.

    Support for the most common broadcast subtitles would be good.

  24. I'm from venezuela, sorry for my english.

    well, i have a problem.

    I downloaded a movie on blu ray 720p (2.4gb), i used tsmuxergui to create a blu ray structure and i burn it in udf 2.5 with nero(also added subtitles). The i can play on my sansumg bd-p1400 very nice. (the movie is 24h redemption) and also watch the subtitles very good. so far so good.

    Well, Now i have another movie, RONIN, wich resolution is on 1920 x 808p.
    and it's size is over 4.7gb. also i have the subtitles.. well, here’s the problem

    when i create a blu ray structure with tsmuxergui the size final is too big to burn it on a dvd-5, again i use tsmuxer to create a file Ts. The i use tssplitter to split it on 2 parts, at this time the subtitles are in the ts file.

    Then i create the structure blu ray. Then I use BDEDIT and HxD to change 808p to 1080p. finally i burn it and play on my dvd player.

    The problem is: I can see all perfectly, but i cannot see the subtitles, and when i push the button on my remote control to change the subtitles it appears and display to me the language but no subtitles display on screen

    Well, all the movies are in the 4.1 Level, audios on ac3 6ch, subtitles well added and burn on nero on udf 2.5

    Any suggestions??

    i hope you can fix this little in future versions

    thanks in advanced.
    sorry for my english, i speak spanish really.

  25. Hey this is a great app and is coming along nicely. Just a few things that might want to be added.

    support for .thd files.

    Currently only .thd-ac3 files work.

    .thd files are needed for HDDVD rips (converting HDDvD to Blu-ray)

  26. and what about adding the command line option for CopyToDVD ( which burns Blu-ray too ), it was a good strategy when DVD2one arrived on the market without any burning option, and it will be a 2 hours dev time to add the feature

  27. Dear All,
    New tsMuxeR version is now available.
    Please check it out -

  28. Thanks for providing tsMuxeR.

    Have you considered adding support for AVI files as an input container format? This seems to be the primary output container format of mencoder. We can force mencoder to output mkv files with an lavf library extension, but it feels like we're asking mencoder to do something unnatural (and it throws a warning that lavf output is broke if bframes are used).

    Seems like it would be much better if we could output .AVI files with AVC video and AC3 audio from mencoder that tsMuxeR could read directly.

    Thanks again.

  29. Hi, I have an AC3 audio converter and remuxed to M2TS. He plays very well on my computer but I can not work on my PS3, what is wrong? Its at 4.1, and trailers for film work, but it was the first AC3 audio.


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