Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New tsMuxeR version (1.8.24) is released

Dear Friends,
New version of this well-known and popular tool is released. Now it's 1.8.24, and you have few options to select:
Please check out the official tool web page for more information.
And do not forget to drop your compliments :-), questions, or suggestions to


  1. Thanks for the updated linux binary!

  2. Can you please state the gcc dependencies for the linux version, I'm still running the windows version through wine because of this:
    ~/bin/1824$ ./tsMuxeR
    ./tsMuxeR: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by ./tsMuxeR)

    Same on 1.8.30 and older versions. Apart from that? Great tool!

  3. I just upgraded my gcc to 4.3.3. With that version I have no trouble using the linux binary.

  4. Thanks for the updated linux version!

    Only question, could we get the readme.txt translated into English? I'd love to know what all these options actually do.

  5. Hi, first congrats with your great application!

    I've used it a couple of times to create AVCHD disks as a backup. When I try to play them on my PS3, a big green bar is visible because my resolution is not 1280x720, but 1280x544. Is there a possibility to avoid this?

    I'm not transcoding to a m2ts file which is playable on a ps3, because I want to display subtitles.


  6. Thanks for the great tool and the constant updates.


  7. Спасибо за версию под MAC OS X!!!!

  8. Hi!
    I think i found a bug in 1.91 version of TS Muxer GUI (still appears in 1.99). If I choose some colors of subtitles, the hexadecimal code of the color have errors. For example, with light yellow (R=255, G=255, B=127) the hexa that represent that is 0x00ffff7f but tsmuxergui select 0x007fff7f which is light green. The same happens with another colors (but not all).
    Thanks. TS Muxer is a great software.

  9. Please do a 64bit only build, as some linux systems do not have the 32bit userland compatibility layer installed (mostly affects gentoo users).

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards and keep up the great work!

  10. I don't fully understand what tsMuxeR does, but I'm using multiAVCHD and apparently it in turn uses tsMuxeR. According to deank, the author of that program, ( )
    I have to rename my Sony HDV camcorder (.m2t) files as .ts because tsMuxeR does not accept .m2t files. If I just rename, it works fine. Is it possible that you could make your program accept .m2t just like .ts, so I don't have to rename everything? Thanks!

  11. Hi,

    Could you build a linux PPC version please ? I (and I think a lot of others) would like to use tsMuxeR on my PS3 running Linux. If that can be of any help, I can even provide you an account so that you can do you compilation stuffs on my "platform" :).

  12. It seems like every version since 1.8.24 crashes on OS X. I really would like to take advantage of the new features of updated versions so I have to run them through WINE. It would be a lot easier and quicker if the Mac versions didn't crash on load.

    Thanks for the great software.

  13. thanks for all!

    +1 64bits build tsmuxer!

  14. Fantastic tool, thank you so much!

    Just a request: please allow the next release for multiple selection of files when you need to join (mts or other..) files....

    Now it seems you have to select them one by one

    Compliments again!

  15. Спасибо за обновления, ждал с нетерпением.

  16. Пожалуйста, откомпилируйте версию под PowerPC. Исходников не нашел, так бы сам сделал.

  17. Hi, I have been using tsMuxeR GUI for some time now, and it is just awesome!

    However nothing is perfect, and I have some ideas:

    What I would ultimately want is an option so that i can drag some videofiles onto the app icon, that app open and starts to convert the files with the option i've set at an earlier point, when it's done it will delete the original files, and then quit. The reason for this is that I download a lot of mkv files with my Mac, and I use MediaLink to stream videos to my PS3. I could also use the app Hazel to open new mkv files with tsMuxeR, and then get them automatically muxed to something that is playable on the PS3. I think this would be priseless to anyone with a Mac, HDTV and a PS3. Let me know if this is something you are interested in doing?

    By the way, do you have a roadmap?
    When is the next version going to be released?

    I also have some feature requests sorted in order of importance.

    These feature requests concern the Mac version of tsMuxeR GUI.

    - Ability to save settings.

    - If i choose to open a video files with tsMuxeR GUI they should be added to the input list.

    - Don't specify the file-path in the metafile, but use it like this: [meta file name] [in file/dir name] [out file/dir name], and let the last one be optional, if the last one isn't specified, it will just use the original name.

    - Be able to add folder path instead of file-path in the metafile, so that if it is a folder, it will convert every
    supported video file in that directory with the metafile settings.

    - [Bug] I get the error code 254: Can't find ttf file for font Arial, when trying to mux a video file.

    - Be able to drag more than one video file at the time into the app window.

    - When "Split by every" is enabled, only add the "split.1" to the filename if the file-size exceeds the set size.

    - Option to delete original file when converting is complete.

    - Option to quit the app when converting is complete.

    - AppleScript support

    - Some kind of batch converting.

    - Growl support.

    - Sparkle updating.

    - Fix the UI on Mac, it's looks awful.

    - use more of the CPU, right now it's just using between 10-18%. It could do the muxing a lot faster. Why not also use both of my cores?

    I have used a lot of time to come up with ideas and test out your app, and I hope you can take the time to get back to me ;)

  18. Hi !

    Sorry for the trouble... Are you planning to work on a new version of TsMuxer, where is possible to select multiple files, not just one by one, when you need to join many files ?

    Thanks a lot again,


  19. Hi, I love tsmuxer, but unfortunatly it is no longer working in Mac Os X snow leopard.

  20. Same here, not working on Snow Leopard. Any updates from the developers would be great ;)

  21. I'll add to the party requesting Snow Leopard compatibility.

    Other than that, great app. Thanks!

  22. No Snow Leopard here. I emailed the company 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive a response.

  23. Love your product but would love a snow leopard version.

  24. Do you have any news when Snow Leo version will be available?

  25. We love Tsmuxer but snow Leopard doesn't :( Please help!!

  26. Please, make tsMuxer version for Snow Leopard

  27. Fix for Mac Snow Leopard! Need you now! :P

  28. like tsmuxer ... but now broken under Snow Leopard ... a fix would be really nice

  29. need an update for snow leopard

  30. Go back to the 1.8.24 version of TSMuxer for snow leopard and it works like a charm...

  31. Elliotttate is right. 1.8.24 works great:

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Actually, I didn't test it well enough before posting. The application opens but it doesn't look like it will actually accept any files to work with. 1.8.30 also opens but doesn't seem to accept any files to work with. I guess we are back to the drawing board...

  34. You're right, I didn't actually test it on an MKV file either, sorry... What does work, however, is running the windows version with cross over. I've already worked with about 10 files muxed at full speed on snow leopard using this method. I have the full version of crossover, but I think you could probably get it to work with the open source version made for google chrome here:

  35. @Elliotttate I tried to do that but when I launched tsmuxer within Crossover there was no text visible. Only the GUI boxes were visible. Did you run into that? If so, what did you do to fix it? I can assure you it is very difficult to work with when you cannot read what any of the buttons are or what any of the feedback from the application says. Crossover is just as good a solution for me as having a native app. It usually works great for most things I throw at it. Thanks!

  36. Hey, use the 1.8.18b version and it works great with all the text and everything (this, I have tested quite a bit...). Here's the link:

  37. @Elliotttate Thanks! You're right! That works perfectly!

  38. Regarding the various versions you people have been suggesting "work perfectly" with Snow Leopard...

    Although the program will indeed load as you guys are saying, perhaps the files produced by my camera are different than most people, because when I try to add .ts or .m2ts files (the names for which I had to change from .m2t and .mts to make work in 1.10 before upgrading to SL), are not accepted in these earlier versions. I get a message saying it cannot detect stream type. However, in the newer versions of tsmuxer that I was using on Leopard, that rename workflow was working fine, as some other posters have mentioned.

  39. @Elliotttate Thank you for the tip. Works here too. Looking forward to a Snow Leopard version of tsMuxeR.

  40. Hi

    I know that probably I am annoying you..

    Any possibility to have a new windows version able to select many (mts) files at once when a join is needed ?

    Anyone has a suggestion ?

    Thank you so much


  41. It's again me..!

    I solved my problem...!

    To whom interested, it is possible to create a meta file where the files to be joined are listed together the parameters for muxing..

    I prepared a tiny exe that prepares the meta file from starting and ending numbers of mts files..

    Soon the exe files will be available somewhere for downloading, with the source of that program

    Cheers !


  42. Hey everybody.
    On my search for 1.8.18b I only find *.zip-files which contain *.exe files.
    Can you please tell me where to find a dmg to use it in Mac OS Snow Leopard?

    Thanks guys

  43. Hi Snow Leopard waiting Guys,

    I've worked for you ! I Give you a Christmas Present !
    I've done a Snow Leopard Hack of the latest version of tsMuxer (1.10.6).
    It works properly, but take time to read the SnowLeopardHack.Readme.en where I explains the problem, and the way I've solved it (and the little restriction).
    You can download it at :

  44. Remark:
    it seems that Qt libraries are needed.
    You may download them from using the LGPL (free) license.
    As I have used the LGPL version of the SDK to compile the sources, it seems that it's compiled with dynamic libraries and that they aren't bind in the program.

  45. Guys,

    I've followed my investigations about tsMuxer and Snow Leopard.

    Here are the results :

    1) GUI is not working due to an incompatibility in the qtlib.
    The GUI crashed and give the message :
    Qt: qcolorFromCGColor: cannot convert from colorspace model: 0
    ASSERT: "false" in file kernel/qt_mac.cpp, line 99
    Abort trap

    The work-around is to recompile the GUI from source given by SmartLabs. (QT libs and XCode are required for the operation).
    If you don't want to compile the program by yourself, you can take the version down in the post.

    2) tsMuxeR is not working due to fonts interpretations problem.
    We got a 'bus error' when trying to execute the command in command-line mode.
    The problem is due to 2 particulars korean fonts supplied in Snow Leopard.

    To solve the problem, if you don't use those korean fonts, delete or rename the two following fonts : AppleMyungjo.ttf and Gungseouche.ttf located in /Library/Fonts
    When done, the tsMuxeR command Line should Work

    *) New version
    Based on that, I've rebuild the GUI and I've added the original tsMuxeR 1.10.6 inside the application.
    Feel free to download it at
    Be aware that qtlib are requested in order for the GUI to run (


  46. That's great work, VoxMac! I don't really want to install the Qt libraries (it's nearly 500MB) so I might have to keep waiting for an official release, which can't be too far away since you've already figured out the problem:-)

  47. Andrew, You can take the smaller version of the QTlib (framework only, right column) which is only 163 MB.

    In fact, you can try to take an older version of the GUI, let say the last one working, and explore the package and replace tsMuxeR by the latest version in (tsMuxerGUI/Contents/MacOS).
    Doing that, you won't need the Qt Lib, but you may miss the latest update that weren't integrated in the GUI at that time.

  48. Thanks VoxMac.

    I tried to get your Rapidshare file, but Rapidshare won't accept access from a "non-premium" user :-(
    As I use Rapidshare maybe 4 or 5 times a year, it doesn't make much sense to join, so I downloaded the QtLibs, 163 meg's, & your "tsMuxer_1.10.6_SL_Hack_by_VoxMac.dmg", removed both Korean fonts you mentioned & that now seems to work :-)


  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Me Again, I've done a stand alone version that doesn't required the QT libs anymore (they are in the Apps).
    The new version is bigger than the previous one, but still small (14 MB).
    You can download it here :

  51. Apparently Rapidshare has problem, so here is a MegaUpload link :

  52. Thanks for all of your work on this, VoxMac!

    best regards,


  53. I retrieved your file ok from MegaUpload, thanks. However I wrote a bit prematurely earlier, as although the new application "works" in the sense there's now no crash, I can't get a working TS output file :-( I've now tried 3 input files which all produce useful output via Crossover using the suggestion of version 1.8.8, but none work from the output produced by the 1.9.9 GUI & 1.10.6. TSmuxer is very new to me, so it may well be my error, but as yet I can't discover what it is. Naturally I'll report back if I find anything significant.

  54. J0hnpaul1, I think I can't help on this point, because I mainly use tsMuxeR to create AVCHD Disk from mkv for my PS3, and it works for me.

    As I don't make TS Muxing, I don't know if something has change between the two version you're trying. You should try the Windows version 1.10.6 with CrossOver and see if it produce useful output.

    In the latest version (the megaupload one), I haven't modified the tsMuxeR engine, so it's the initial version from SmartLabs.
    It's only the GUI that has been recompile, and this one only create config file for the engine which is an independent program inside the Application package.

  55. Hey VoxMac keep up the great work. I've been waiting for someone to come out with a fix for a long time. Thanks a lot.

  56. Hi,

    would it be possible to compile the MacOSX version as a Universal Binary that would work on older (PPC) Macs? I have a Mac mini that I use as a NAS / media server and that would be fast enough to do real-time remuxing but is definitively too slow for real-time transcoding.

    Thanks a lot!

  57. Hi Bjoern, unfortunately I don't have the source code for tsMuxeR, so compiling the GUI in UB won't help.
    You should wait an official release, but i think that they won't give us a UB version of tsMuxeR.

  58. Hi,

    oh -- I was under the impression that this is the "official" development blog for tsMuxeR? Who is the right person to ask, then?

    Thanks a lot!

  59. I think too that it's too their official blog, but in this case they should have come with an official Snow Leopard fix for age.
    You can try to contact them through their official web site :

  60. Hey Voxmac

    first of all thank you for your great work, have you got an idea why I always get an error message "can't detect stream type" when i try to add an mkv file?

    i tried different files.


  61. sv3n, have you removed the two Korean Fonts as it's required in my attached README file ?

  62. tsmuxer 1.10.6 works with wine after bottling it in winbottler.

  63. sorry, i mean the windows version of tsmuxer.
    it is possible to port it with winbottler

  64. Hi,

    Love the software!!! Great job.

    Makes it really easy for me to demux my blu-ray disks and place them on my harddisk, which I can connect directly to my tv (SAMSUNG LE651).

    There are a few "small" requests which I really wanted to see in tsMuxer(UI) to avoid using other software:

    - ability to downconvert DTS to AC3;
    - adding chapters to MKV;

    Hopefully you will grant my request.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work ;)

    Greetings from Radjesh, Netherlands

  65. VoxMac, you're _great_, thank you so much!!!

  66. PLEASE consider releasing builds for other platforms! I would love to be able to use this on my ARM device!

  67. Could you please add joining various mts files at the same time? That'd be great because it's long to add stream by stream to a avchd folder. Much appreciated.

  68. Thanks VoxMac! amazing that it took someone else to fix their problem. Good work SmartLabs

  69. Can I change PCR interval?

    Thank you very much for the muxer, its great.

  70. hey VoxMac, do you still have the XCode project you used to compile the user interface? i would love to take a look at how you got it all compiled. Im just getting started in app development and like to look at working examples.

  71. Greetings,

    are you still working on tsMuxeR? Would be nice if there was a solution for Snow Leopard MAC OSX.


  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Like Adrian said... A build for armel linux would be great for my ARM device.

  74. Looks like there is a working binary for os x snow leopard described here:

    (worked for me, anyway, though I needed to rename the fonts as described).

    Thanks tsmuxer totally rocks!

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