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Saturday, March 21, 2009

New tsMuxeR version is available

Please check the product page.


  1. Could you please provide a 64bit only build for those who have pure 64bit systems under linux - without 32bit multilib environment?

  2. can you please consider having multiple video files in one mux?

  3. Do i need some lib in ubuntu to make fonts work curently I get an error "Can't find ttf file for font Arial"? And yes i have Arial installed.

  4. tsMuxerR is great but with Snow Leopard ( Mac OSX 10.6) it is broken. Any chance of an update?

  5. need it for snow leopard! great program.

  6. Really good app ... but now broken with Snow Leopard ... a fix would be really cool ... Thanks

  7. Please fix Snow Leopard issue!

  8. A new version for Snow Leopard Please!


  10. A new version for Snow Leopard is extremely needed!!!!!

  11. Please please, a new version for snow leopard, or the source for 1.10.6 so people can work on a fix.

  12. An update would be appreciated. I've had to use mkx2vob via crossover... it's not nearly as smooth or fast as tsmuxer

  13. a new version for snow leopard 64-bit kernel please

  14. Hi Snow Leopard waiting Guys,

    I've worked for you ! I Give you a Christmas Present !
    I've done a Snow Leopard Hack of the latest version of tsMuxer (1.10.6).
    It works properly, but take time to read the SnowLeopardHack.Readme.en where I explains the problem, and the way I've solved it (and the little restriction).
    You can download it at :

    Merry Christmas.

  15. it seems that Qt libraries are needed.
    You may download them from [url][/url] using the LGPL (free) license.
    As I have used the LGPL version of the SDK to compile the sources, it seems that it's compile with dynamic libraries and that they aren't bind in the program.


  16. Guys,

    I've followed my investigations about tsMuxer and Snow Leopard.

    Here are the results :

    1) GUI is not working due to an incompatibility in the qtlib.
    The GUI crashed and give the message :
    Qt: qcolorFromCGColor: cannot convert from colorspace model: 0
    ASSERT: "false" in file kernel/qt_mac.cpp, line 99
    Abort trap

    The work-around is to recompile the GUI from source given by SmartLabs. (QT libs and XCode are required for the operation).
    If you don't want to compile the program by yourself, you can take the version down in the post.

    2) tsMuxeR is not working due to fonts interpretations problem.
    We got a 'bus error' when trying to execute the command in command-line mode.
    The problem is due to 2 particulars korean fonts supplied in Snow Leopard.

    To solve the problem, if you don't use those korean fonts, delete or rename
    the two following fonts : AppleMyungjo.ttf and Gungseouche.ttf located in /Library/Fonts
    When done, the tsMuxeR command Line should Work

    *) New version
    Based on that, I've rebuild the GUI and I've added the original tsMuxeR 1.10.6 inside the application.
    Feel free to download it at
    Be aware that qtlib are requested in order for the GUI to run (


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  18. Me Again, I've done a stand alone version that doesn't required the QT libs anymore (they are in the Apps).
    The new version is bigger than the previous one, but still small (14 MB).
    You can download it here :

  19. Apparently Rapidshare has problems, so here is a MegaUpload link :

  20. Hi, happy 2k10.

    I'm doing some research with tsmuxer under linux 64 bit, and I think the 32bit version doesn't take all of my Athlon 64x2 5200 processing power. Could you bring us a 64 bit version? No matter if it's statically or dinamically compiled.

    I understand there's many petitions and is a freeware program, but it's a few minutes issue :)

    Thank you.

  21. @@ VoxMac

    hi and thanx for teh Work but i have the problem that tsmuxergui dosent detect the stream type.

  22. Yup - same problem on 10.6.2 using "tsMuxer GUI 1.9.9 Snow Leopart Build with tsMuxeR 1.10.6 (by VoxMac)" (this is the version from )

    Anyway, it gets the following error with every file I open (so far all MKV files - but playable with VLC no problem and stream types are all fine according to MediaInfo):

    "Can't detect stream type. File name: [redacted]"

  23. Yes, this 10.6 build doesn't work in the 64-bit kernel.

  24. Thanks VoxMac! Your build is working for me under Snow Leopard with the most recent patches. For those with problems, did you delete the font files he mentioned in the readme? I did try some MKV files and the open and list the streams just fine. This is way faster than using the Windows version in VirtualBox.

    I used the standalone version.

  25. @Christopher Gillespie : Did you remove the two Korean fonts as i mention in my Readme.Voxmac File (AppleMyungjo.ttf and Gungseouche.ttf) ?

  26. Is txMuxeR still actively developed? IMHO from a usability point of view the (Windows) GUI desperately needs to allow multiple files to be selected from the Add button, or multiple files to be accepted when using drag-and-drop. Is it possible to save/translate the source code project as a Visual Studio project so I can hack the file selection?

  27. tsMuxer ROX!!! VoxMac is a coding legend!!!
    I'm seeing an error (-1073741819) when muxing 720p video content with 1080p PGS streams, If I mux only the vid and aud and leave out the PGS streams, the mux will succeed!
    This only happens on certain movies (always at the same frame)...others work fine...

  28. For my foxsat originated .ts it says:
    Warning! M2TS format detected
    and then
    Can't detect stream type xx.ts

  29. Is there a version for ARM processors?

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