Monday, August 10, 2009

PiP on AmiNET110. What does it mean?

Basically, there are two types on STBs available today for IPTV deployments:
  • STBs like AmiNET110, old MPEG-2 and cheap MPEG-4 boxes with a hardware onboard to transcode only one ("main") transport stream.
  • modern STBs based on latest chipsets (say, ST71XX), i.e. AmiNET130, ADB3800, Sagem, Zyxel, etc., you name it... They have hardware to transcode few transport streams. This is good news :-) The bad news is to deliver this service to subscribers, STB vendors should support PiP fubctionality on a system software level. But they didn't yet.
It's very important to mention that, with our recent success, we can turn PiP on ANY IP STB. As we are transcoding the second stream with our UI client software component, we are agnostic to STB vendor :)

Well, the first practical good news is that all existing AmiNET110 customers can benefit with PiP service - definitely, it's cool to put new fresh air to old good STB :-)

And, the overall general good news is "All our customers will have PiP service on all STBs they use or plan to use"!


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