Monday, September 7, 2009

Secured PC client - what do you expect?

“Opposite to existing protected PC players in the market created by non SDP specialty vendors that either use a proprietary technology, possess a very limited interface or lack of service customization access for third-parties, our SmartTUBE PC Player delivers service providers a full-functional PC Player with rich-animated user interface, all available IPTV services and now secured with a leading content protection software. We believe that now service providers can extend their services across different end-points to make entertainment experience more flexible for subscribers.”

This is a key message.

Another words, SmartTUBE PC PLayer with SecureMedia protection is a unique solution in the industry at the moment - if we have a look at the secured PC players in the market, we have Apple and Microsoft proprietary solutions from one side, and players produced by DRM vendors from the other side. So, if a service provider would like to add secured PC player service to its offering, and this PC player should be based on open standards and non-proprietary technologies, and this player should have advanced User Interface, etc., SmartTUBE PC Player is the only way to go!