Saturday, January 12, 2008

SmartLabs unveils newest service delivery platform for an interactive television

At CSTB’2008 show SmartLabs introduced new solutions for IPTV, hybrid and Internet TV

Moscow, February 12th, 2008 – At 10th International expo CSTB’2008 last week SmartLabs unveiled newest solutions for multimedia service delivery platforms for service providers and broadcasters.

Among other products which have been presented at SmartLabs booth a special attention was paid to converged service delivery platform (SmartTUBE SDP) equipped with innovative client application approach and next-generation Internet TV platform which offers high-quality video delivery over public Internet.

SmartTUBE SDP — a converged service delivery platform for interactive television over fixed (IPTV, DVB, hybrid) and wireless (DVB-H, 3G, WiFi, WiMax, etc.) networks with TV broadcasting, , PPV, PVR/nPVR, VoD/nVoD, IM, e-mail, Internet access, and other services.

Key features are:

  • Support for IPTV, satellite, terrestrial, hybrid, and mobile networks
  • Next-generation client applications for all types of STBs:
  • A wide range of STBs support
  • Extended UI presentation capabilities
  • “Intuitive” and fast interface navigation
  • Standard APIs (ITU-T based and other standards and recommendations) for interoperability and integration with other solution components – moreover, UI client applications are designed to be used with other vendors middleware or SDP products as well as with SmartTUBE SDP
  • Rapid UI applications development and customization
  • A complete end-to-end solution with SmartMEDIA, a content management and distribution platform, or video server, SmartCONTENT, a content preparation system, and SmartENCODER, MPEG-4 H.264 AVC SD encoder solution.

Modern SmartTUBE SDP client applications use a universal cross-platform graphical engine which supports a wide range of client devices and applications, i.e. TV STBs, mobile multimedia devices, digital players, communicators, mobile phones, etc. The engine has a set of instruments to build UIs from existing components using 2D and 3D effects, and it also has an object language to create unique interface elements which become immediately available at all client devices where the engine might be installed.

«It means that once created, UI might be easily transferred to different client devices not only within one technology (say, IPTV), but to different devices from different technologies which means that a particular UI will be available at IPTV and cable or hybrid STBs at the same time,» - says Igor Rumyantsev, SmartLabs CTO.

Another solution which had a very positive feedback from the visitors was an innovative Internet TV solution from SmartLabs which allows service providers and independent broadcasters (TV channels, media companies, corporations, etc.) to distribute real-time high-quality video over Internet and intranet networks. It becomes available because of two main solution advantages:

  • High video and audio quality based on newest coding algorithms (MPEG-4 H.264 AVC) and unique SmartLabs technologies to optimize interoperability between video servers and client applications which improves picture and sound quality.
  • Content management and distribution administrative platform optimizes bandwidth and reduce network load as well as provides uninterruptable video stream delivery to each potential subscriber.

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