Thursday, January 10, 2008

SmartLabs at CSTB'2008

10th International Exhibition and Conference CSTB’2008 – key media event in Eastern Europe and CIS countries will take place on February 4-7 2008 at Crocus Expo. It represents pay TV industry - one of the most rapidly growing nowadays.

This year CSTB will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. During that period the show has become an important event on TV and Telecom market, a largest space where all key players meet: major pay TV operators, leading Russian and foreign producers of equipment for PayTV networks, distributors, system integrators, major content producers and content providers.

At the booth 123 (Hall № 1) SmartLabs will introduce newest solutions for multimedia content delivery systems over telco networks and Internet. Among top issues are:

  • Converged service delivery platform (IPTV, DVB, mobile TV)
  • New user interface and fast and reliable client applications for various STBs including MPEG-4
  • SD/HD, MPEG-2, hybrid STBs (DVB/IP), etc.
  • Unique content preparation, storage, and distribution system for IPTV and Internet TV networks
  • High-quality live Internet TV solution
  • Real-time MPED-4 H.264 AVC encoder

Welcome to our booth!


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