Friday, April 24, 2009

Mirifice partners with SmartLabs

Mirifice Ltd integrate MiriMON service monitoring with SmartTUBE

April, 24 2009 – Mirifice Ltd and Smartlabs LLC announce a partnership to bring the MiriMON advanced customer QoE monitoring solution to the SmartTUBE service delivery platform (SDP).

John Kinson, Managing Director for MiriMON at Mirifice, says "SmartLabs are a leading-edge SDP provider, offering sophisticated multicast, VOD and timeshifted services. We are delighted to be working with them to provide a market-leading QoE monitoring capability to their customers.”

MiriMON provides critical information for service assurance, customer care and service optimization by monitoring real consumer devices, in real-time. The integration of SmartTUBE and MiriMON is successfully deployed in a major IPTV network.

John added "It has been rewarding to see the benefit to the network operator from the unique real-time information generated by MiriMON and SmartTUBE. We are delighted to work with the SmartLabs team, who share our commitment to excellence and innovation."

Mikhail Grachev, CEO at SmartLabs LLC says "For our service delivery platform customers, MiriMON provides valuable detailed view of the TV service that each and every consumer receives. Combining this information with the SmartTUBE platform provides a true end-to-end view of service delivery for linear and on-demand programming."

SmartLabs’ key platform – SmartTUBE SDP – a converged service delivery platform for interactive television over fixed (IPTV, DVB, hybrid) and wireless (DVB-H, 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMax, etc.) networks with TV broadcasting, PPV, PVR/nPVR, VoD/nVoD, IM, and other services.

SmartTUBE UI client applications are based on a popular animation and graphical engine and supports a wide range of client devices (STBs, mobile phones, media centers, etc.) and is integrated into SmartLabs client application framework – a powerful development environment which has all typical TV user interface objects (windows, menus, lists, etc.), animation templates (motions, movements, object behaviors, etc.) as well as typical client-server interoperability mechanisms (i.e., EPG and VoD content data exchange, available services, etc.). Once created, the UI might be easily transferred to different end-point devices. It allows to move UIs to any new device within one technology (say, IPTV), and it also allows to build hybrid
solutions (IPTV, DVB, 3G, Wi-Fi, etc.) assuming that subscribers will use the same interface experience regardless ways they have to access services.

About SmartLabs LLC
SmartLabs LLC is headquartered in Moscow, Russia – a leader in service delivery platform (SDP) for interactive digital television (IPTV, DVB, hybrid, satellite, Internet TV), innovative client applications and user interfaces for STBs, OSS/BSS systems, and other innovative solutions for service providers and enterprises.

For additional information, please contact

About Mirifice
Mirifice Ltd is headquartered in Bath, UK. Formed in 2004, it provides key software development, project management and consultancy staff to the broadcast industry. The company’s product range includes MiriMON, the award-winning system for real-time monitoring of live Digital TV networks, and MiriATE, a powerful technical environment for testing and control of set-top boxes and other devices. Customers include BSkyB, BT, Virgin Media, Top-Up TV, Comstar Direct, Pace, Open TV, Tandberg and Thomson.

Mirifice Ltd.
4 Abbey Street,
Tel: +44 1225 460126
For additional information on Mirifice, please contact


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